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Stand Up Club

Stand Up Club is a bullying awareness and prevention club.This club was started by two students who were being bullied. After finding the courage to seek out help against the perpetrators, these students decided they no longer wanted to be victims, but rather mentors to others. They decided to start a club that not only educated students about the types of bullying, but taught others what to do in order to prevent it. 
The Stand Up Club learns, practices and exemplifies humanitarian values through community and school service projects. The students:
  • Bring awareness to students about bullying by providing fun, educational activities during lunch.
  • Provide student's resources to get help if they are being bullied or know someone who is being bullied.
  • Volunteer at local charities, churches, or events that are held for the community.
  • Model the Wildcat Way through Random Acts of Kindness and by demonstrating self control, being self directed, involved, and respectful towards others.