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Welcome to the GATE web page for Lee Middle School! If you have questions concerning GATE (Gifted and Talented Education), please feel free to contact the counselor listed below.
In almost all cases, your GATE-identified child should be enrolled in one or more advanced classes, depending on his or her area(s) of strength. Recent changes in state law require that programs for GATE students must be “planned and organized as an integrated, differentiated learning experience within the regular school day.”
If your child is not GATE identified and you think he or she might be eligible, GATE referrals can be initiated by either parents/guardians or school staff. The referral process requires a simple form from the parent/guardian, a form from a teacher, and standardized test scores from the past two years. The deadline for referrals is set by the district and is usually in early December. Students are then given the GATE test at each school site during the school day in December or January. Results are mailed to parents in May or June. You may contact me at the beginning of the school year to begin the referral process. The referral process should be initiated no later than the middle of November.

Please contact Jeff Devlin for more information.
Art Enrichment Class Enrollment

Art_Enrichment_Class_Enrollment iconArt Enrichment Class Enrollmenttitle

Please visit the Art Enrichment Class Enrollment document for more information about the 2018 GATE Art Program.
Art Enrichment Class Catalog

Art_Enrichment_Class_Catalog iconArt Enrichment Class Catalogtitle

Please visit the Art Enrichment Class Catalog for more information about the specific classes offerred in the 2018 GATE Art Program.