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Classroom Office Managed Interventions



These interventions aim to correct behavior so that students may learn and demonstrate Self-Control, Respect for Self and Others, Self-Direction and positive school Involvement. Teachers are encouraged to try a variety of teaching and classroom management strategies.


Classroom Managed Behaviors


  • Calling out
  • Inappropriate language
  • Horseplay
  • Non-compliance
  • Off-task
  • Side talking
  • Tardy
  • Rude/Disrespect/Tone
  • Lying/Tattling/Teasing
  • Minor property destruction
  • Verbal conflict/arguing


Universal Interventions for all students


  • A private, positive conference with student. (Build positive relationship)
  • Seat change
  • Pre-correction & Redirection: Re-state expectations in a short and positive manner
  • Role-play replacement behavior (practice)
  • Buddy Classroom: student reflects in another classroom and is allowed extended time away
  • Parent/Guardian accompanies student in class
  • Daily progress report for behavior (with parent signature)
  • Increase positive acknowledgements/ recognition
  • Goal-setting (& reflection) with student
  • Provide student with breaks
  • Develop and use cueing systems to prompt student to engage in proper behavior
  • Positive greetings/encouragement at the door daily
  • Other



Automatic Office-Based Referral

  • Aggressive behavior
  • Bullying
  • Harassment
  • Stealing
  • Major property damage
  • Drugs/Alcohol/Weapons
  • Dress code violation
  • Inappropriate language directed at staff
  • Repeated Classroom managed behaviors



Possible Interventions


  • Conference with Student
  • Referral to Counselor
  • Parent Contact
  • Parent Conference
  • SST (Student Study Team) Referral
  • SART (School Attendance Review Team) Referral
  • Other



Possible Consequences


  • Administrative Detention
  • Suspension
  • Parent Contact
  • Other