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Student Activities / Student Recognition


To make the experience at Lee Middle School the best that it can be, there are many opportunities to get involved. These activities include, but are not limited to sports, lunchtime intramurals, ASB/Leadership, yearbook, various clubs, and much more.



Students may be selected to participate in ASB/Leadership class which is offered during the school day. Students in this class plan assemblies, rallies, dances, school spirit activities, socials, etc. ASB officers are elected from the students in the class.



Assemblies and rallies will be scheduled throughout the school year. At all times, the students’ behavior should be courteous and students should follow the Wildcat Way Behavior Expectations.  The privilege of attending an assembly or rally is limited to those students who behave appropriately.



Chaperoned dances are scheduled during the school year and are considered a privilege.  All students must have their own ID card, be cleared of all fees, and demonstrate appropriate behavior in order to participate.  Students must follow WJUSD/Lee dress code policy and behavior guidelines (such as no dirty dancing).  Students must stay for the entire dance unless it has been prearranged for parents to pick up students, and parents must do so in person. Students will not be admitted to a dance more than 45 minutes after the dance begins, and no student shall be permitted to leave the dance until the dance is over (unless an administrator gives prior permission). Most dances will be held in the multipurpose room. Students must be in attendance at school the day of the dance and may not be currently suspended or serving In-school Suspension. Guest passes are only extended to current students at Douglass Middle School who have a 2.0 grade point average, are cleared of fines, and have demonstrated appropriate behavior.



Academic Eligibility – All students shall be eligible for extracurricular activities entering seventh grade.  Students participating in activities at the seventh and eighth grade levels must achieve a 2.0 grade point average with no F’s.


      Code of Conduct for Student Athletes:

  • Trustworthiness
  • Respect
  • Responsibility
  • Fairness
  • Good Citizenship





Volleyball – girls only



Cross Country






The following clubs and activities may be offered:


Early Academic Outreach Program (EAOP)

Educational Talent Search (ETS)

Sign Language Club

Book Club

Giving Tree

Red Cross Club

Robot Club

National Junior Honor Society

Stand Up Club

Project SAFE



7th & 8th Grade Awards

Wildcat Way Tickets

Student of the Month Awards

Awards Assemblies

Award cards (lunch/homework pass, etc.)

Attendance Awards

Honor Roll – 3.0-3.49 G.P.A

Principal’s Honor Roll- 3.5-3.99 G.P.A.

4.0 Honor Roll

Citizenship Award

Excellence in Academics Awards


8th Grade Awards

Barbara Gray Achievement Award

Margaret Parker NJHS Award

The American Legion Award

Wildcat Athlete-Scholar Award

Wildcat Outstanding Service Award

High Academic Achievement Award

Academic Improvement Award

President’s Award for Academic Excellence

President’s Award for Education Improvement



 The Wildcat Way (WCW) – Be Respectful of Self and Others, Use Self-Control, Be Self-Directed, Be Involved – is a program for supporting positive behaviors and citizenship at Lee Middle School. Students may earn Wildcat Way tickets for displaying the use of any of the four parts of the WCW. These tickets may be used to obtain items at the Student Store and for access to some school activities. Throughout the year, students participate in activities and lessons supporting the WCW.



It has become a tradition at Lee Middle School to celebrate the end of the year by having Day on the Green.  In order to participate in this activity, students must be debt free and be in great discipline standing as of April 13, 2018.  Any student that receives any type of suspension (home, class, in-school), or a no go recommendation from a teacher after this date may not be eligible to participate on Day on the Green. Students must not have any outstanding fees including athletic uniforms, text books, Chromebooks, P.E. locks, cafeteria and student store fees. Grades from the 5th grading period going forward must include no more than one D or F. Students with two or more D’s or F’s will need to recheck and get teacher’s signature to be released/cleared to participate. If a student has extenuating circumstances regarding his/her outstanding fees or has made significant academic or behavioral progress in the weeks leading up to Day on the Green, he or she may be allowed to participate.